Succession planning

The disciplines of resourcing and talent management help you to pro-actively plan your future workforce, react quickly to organisational change and be prepared with an action plan to strategically deploy your talent.

Without concentrated effort on Succession Planning, a business that has been successful can quickly fail if one or more of its leaders are lost.  When succession planning is carefully conducted and the plan periodically reviewed, extended and costly vacancies can be avoided.

Our aim is to use succession planning to improve the profitability and potential of your company. We will work closely with you to identify and develop key talent within your organisation.

We will focus on the identification of succession charts for key roles along with risk metrics.

Programme Objectives

Individual personal objectives for this programme will be focused around current areas of opportunity and under-performance as identified through the training needs analysis.
A combination of Succession Planning disciplines will be covered, alongside the development of the capability for improving performance in specific areas of responsibility.

Main Topics

  • Define high performance and identify potential
  • Nurture and retain talent through effective management behaviour
  • Evaluate, measure and report on talent management
  • Validation/selection of candidates
  • Required experience/expertise
  • Identification of key jobs
  • Development and monitoring of an action plan
  • Ensuring business continuity by planning succession into key organisational positions and preparing people appropriately to step up to leadership roles
  • Set up talent management processes, including managing, developing and retaining talented individuals, and attract those individuals in the first place
  • Attracting and retaining the top talent you need to meet your organisation’s current and future objectives

By the end of the programme individuals will have :-

  • Understand how succession planning and talent development need to be linked with strategic planning and performance evaluation
  • Link evolution of the organization’s capabilities and the managerial competencies needed for this evolution
  • Develop competency profiles
  • Assess talent and succession candidates
  • Establish development plans for successors and high potential candidates