Succession Planning – Be Prepared

Different Way

A few years ago, while working as a Project Manager, I made a comment in the office about an area of work that I have particular experience in.
My manager at the time was quite shocked that he didn’t know this and to this day, I still find that fact rather amusing.
This was the same person who had interviewed me – twice!

In his defence,  I can barely remember what’s on my own CV most of the time, but I have to stop and wonder…..are companies and HR departments actually aware of the talent pool within their organisation?

Companies invest millions in projects to promote their organisation above the competition.
They invest in new technologies, new digital initiatives and fancy (does everything but make the breakfast) software; yet, they often only have a select group of people with whom the success or failure of this project is dependant.

And this scary ‘method’ of planning is not just at project levels but, according to research, rings true right up the management ladder.

A previous manager once told me to always prepare my projects incase ‘I was hit by a bus’…..rather extreme to say the least, but from a company point of view I kinda get it.
It makes complete sense to plan for the loss (albeit in a less ‘Final Destination’ way) of an employee who had particular knowledge or specific experience.

And that’s where Succession planning can swop in and save the day (queue the superman theme tune)

Succession planning ensures that employees are constantly developed to fill vital roles. As your organization grows, loses key employees and provides promotional opportunities, succession planning guarantees that your already skilled employees are ready and waiting to fill these new roles.

The implementation of a successful succession plan, requires a solid understanding of the current workforce, as well as the ability to forecast changing workforce and culture demands

If you work with KCSS, we can help you to implement and maintain a succession planning process that allows you to prepare your employees for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles.

With our help and know-how you will be able to design and implement an effective and flexible succession plan that will help your organization continue to grow and achieve its business goals.

In my humble opinion I believe that companies should always, always, always have a pipeline of employees with the skills and strengths to step into key roles to ensure management continuity……you know….incase a key member of management gets hit by a bus.

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