Business Skills Library

AMAZING VALUE Essential Business Skills Library Offer

The KCSS Business Skills Enrichment Library is a comprehensive set of 60 ready to use business skills training and development courses.
These courses are immediately available and fully customisable, making each course fit with your branding, style and culture.
Bespoke programmes with tailored design and/or training can be created based on your needs
Effectively a ready to train “plug and play” solution.

You can purchases these courses to be used by your internal trainers or can be presented to your employees by KCSS.


30 Courses & 1 Laptop                                                                     £4,995 & VAT

Choose your choice of 30 training courses and you can receive these installed onto a free laptop!
You will be provided with 1 day of free consultancy on top of this to use as you wish.


60 courses & 2 Laptops                                                                    £9,995 & VAT

Purchase all 60 of our training courses, they will be installed onto a free laptop, plus you will receive and additional laptop free of charge.
This offer includes 2 days of consultancy to use as you wish.

Alternatively, if you want to buy individual courses then these are priced as follows:

1 day course – £395 plus VAT
2 day course – £495 plus VAT
3 day course – £595 plus VAT

If you go this route and buy 10 courses then you can still “upgrade” to the 30 course offer and just pay the balance capping your investment at £4995. The only difference is you don’t get the laptop or the free day.

Courses range from 1 to 3 days and cover Supervisor, Management and Leadership areas, Managing Individual Performance areas, Training and Presentation skills areas, Situation management.

As well as the course material, you get course outlines, instructor guides and delegate workbooks.

If you would like to view our courses, or download an outline please see our Skills Library page