Social Media – Is it really more important than your C.V?


Over the years I have spent a significant amount of time pouring over my C.V, hoping to persuade employers to keep reading and in turn (fingers crossed) invite me for an interview.

With the introduction of LinkedIn, I gradually started to find this time-consuming task easier, and having my profile available to limitless companies certainly couldn’t harm my career.

But now, as is the norm in our wonderful world, the employee recruitment process has evolved to a whole new level.
In fact, according to Vala Afsharng ,chief marketing officer at Enterasys
“The paper résumé is dead. The Web is your résumé. Social networks are your mass references.

Is this really the case?
It does seem that more and more companies are looking at the social feeds of potential employees when making hiring decisions. These feeds may include tweets, active twitter followers, jargon used and even a minimum Klout score.

Klout (for those who don’t know) is a company who give you a score based on the accumulation of your influence across all social networks. If you are creating engaging content that people are interacting with then you may be considered to have ‘Klout’ or influence… attractive quality to a lot of employers.

BUT (I write that in caps deliberately) I imagine this approach has a lot of pitfalls that may harm potential candidates and employees.
Does your ability to do your job really have any significance to what you tweet on a personal level?
I don’t believe so.
Should your promotion really rely on how many people find you interesting enough to retweet your opinion?
I don’t believe so.

I do believe the whole idea is in itself a very good one, and if taken with a big enough pinch of salt, can provide good insight to companies looking at industry experts and brand influencers.

But at this stage in the game should HR managers really be hiring based on these figures.
I have to say…….I don’t believe so.