Project manager


Individual personal objectives for this programme will be focused around current areas of opportunity and possible under-performance as identified through the training needs analysis.

A combination of project management skills are covered alongside the development of the capability for improving performance in specific areas of responsibility.

Main Topics

  • Developing key project management skills, including change management, time management, and communication strategies.
  • Characteristics and context of a project and benefits of adopting project management methodologies
  • Applying project management frameworks to ensure success
  • Implementing risk management techniques and deploying mitigation strategies
  • Gaining knowledge of practical tools and techniques and when to use them
  • Utilising the skills of a charismatic leader to influence positive outcomes
  • Understanding how project management contributes to project success, and of the relations between project management and change management.

By the end of the programme individuals will have:-

A thorough understanding of best practice project management and will be able to coordinate projects to ensure the correct application of resources and risk, issue and change management.

  • Successfully plan, manage and deliver projects, while confidently being able to estimate budget and timelines.
  • New techniques for driving results throughout the company
  • The ability to identifying problems, formulate solutions, and adapt to change
  • A solid understanding of the key factors that impact on project success and project management success
  • Implement project management processes, develop leadership skills and respond to real-world scenarios