Marketing practitioner


Individual personal objectives for this programme will be focused around current areas of opportunity and possible under-performance as identified through the training needs analysis. Individuals will be guided through The KCSS Marketing Process using a combination of instruction, practical activities and coaching.

The KCSS Marketing Process

  1. Identifying and engaging key stakeholders.
  2. Preparing analysis and insight
  3. Creating SMART Marketing objectives
  4. Developing strategy
  5. Measuring ROI including input and outputs

Main Topics

  • Improve overall marketing effectiveness within the organisation.
  • Encourage Marketers to think more strategically and feel empowered.
  • Drive a more co-ordinated, integrated and consistent approach – synergy.
  • Build on the current marketing capability and competencies.
  • Ensure Marketers have a balanced and consistent marketing strategy that addresses all KPIs and performance areas.
  • Align and build on activities of the whole marketing team.
  • Engage with all marketing personnel, whatever their capability, to participate positively and seek to improve overall performance.
  • Link project work to the day job and real scenarios.
  • Create a working forum and best practice sharing.

By the end of the programme individuals will have:-

  • A indepth understanding across the marketing spectrum
  • A structured framework from which to plan, evaluate, implement and measure marketing programmes
  • The ability to develop and implement the strategy for integrated marketing programmes
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making and implementation
  • Capability to closely align the marketing strategy with overall business objectives
  • Test, measure and refine marketing programmes to achieve business objectives and improve ROI
  • Define business and marketing objectives that are realistic in today’s environment