Management development

Programme Objectives

Individual personal objectives for this programme will be focused around current areas of opportunity and possible under-performance as identified through the training needs analysis.

A combination of management skills are covered alongside the development of the capability for improving performance in specific areas of responsibility.

Main Topics

  • Developing key management skills, including change management, time management, critical thinking, delegation, problem solving, presentation strategies, communications, strategic planning, and feedback techniques.
  • Motivating, inspiring and building trust with team members
    • Better understanding of group dynamics and overcoming resistance to change.
    • Utilise the skills of a charismatic leader to influence positive outcomes.
    • How to face challenges from a new perspective in order to find progressive solutions.
    • Developing a strategic plan for your company or function that focuses on results and profit.
    • Knowledge on developing Marketing plans and implementing campaigns.
      • Developing a CRM strategy for customer satisfaction and manage conflict.
      • Improve the management of the Business or Department financial and performance results.

By the end of the programme individuals will have:-

  • In-depth knowledge of cross-functional integration and the skills to incorporate these functions across the organisation
  • New techniques for driving results throughout the company
  • The ability to identify problems, formulate solutions, and adapt to change
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making, strategy development, and implementation
  • Capability to lead cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects amid challenging markets
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy that reflects greater knowledge, capabilities, and insight