Agile project manager


Individual personal objectives for this programme will be focused around current areas of opportunity and possible under-performance as identified through the training needs analysis.

A combination of Agile management skills are covered alongside the development of the capability for improving performance in specific areas of responsibility.

Main Topics

• Characteristics and context of an Agile project and benefits of adopting the Agile framework within your organisation
• Applying Agile project management frameworks to ensure success
• Gaining knowledge of practical tools and techniques and when to use them
• Review the concept of relative estimation as a preferred method of estimation within an iterative, incremental development approach and discuss techniques for successful planning within an Agile environment.
• Main differences between “customers” and “users” of a system
• Differences between requirements and user stories and how to plan
• A focus on the project manager’s involvement in delivering value-driven, sustainable solutions within an Agile environment
• Laying the foundations for successful Agile projects
• Management of Agile projects

By the end of the programme individuals will have:-

• Understand the roles and responsibilities within Agile teams
• Understand how to utilize Agile metrics in communicating project progress to executive sponsors
• Know how to create and manage an Agile release plan and backlog
• Hands on experience with an Agile task management tool (Jira)
• Understand the Agile terminology, concepts, and principles
• Experience Agile activities through hands-on, interactive exercises
• Understand how to successfully start an Agile project providing the team with an overall view of deliverables
Complements and works with existing corporate processes