Management enrichment

Developing Your Programme

Our management programmes are custom designed for you, and developed in a format that is specific to your organisational requirements. We recommend that a detailed training needs analysis is completed, thus allowing us to design the final programme which will be relevant to your specific needs.

We recommend that a detailed training needs analysis is completed, thus allowing us to design the final programme which will be relevant to your specific needs.

Your initial scoping day is complimentary, the purpose of which is to finalise your initial project and work plan.

The KCSS Business Skills Enrichment Library is extensive and is drawn upon in the creation of the final design.

Delivering Your Programme

Our management programmes are presented to you in a modular fashion, and will be run over several months to ensure learning is embedded. Each participant will receive between 4 to 8 days face to face training plus coaching.

Training is engaging with the use of practical activities, and participants will be required to select project work between each module.

The training modules will be separated by 6 to 8 weeks, allowing sufficient time to practice what has been learnt. Group training sessions will be supported by coaching, mentoring or train the trainer as identified in the analysis phase.

KCSS offers a unique approach to resourcing projects, by building a skill specific team to deliver your agreed programme.

Our trainers and coaches are experienced or qualified in their area of expertise and will  have actually “done the job” that they are training others to do. We aim to build self sufficiency for individuals and organisations rather than create an ongoing dependency on KCSS. We do this via coaching and knowledge transfer enabling participants to use what they have learnt to maintain improved levels of performance.

Programme Overview

Our programmes are highly interactive with theoretical instruction, and cover real world application of acquired skills. KCSS implement a framework where importance is placed on learning beyond the classroom and using workplace and social learning.

University Accreditation is subject to negotiation.

KCSS Management Development Certification Programme™ (MDP)

Aimed at:
Individuals aspiring to perform effectively in a management or leadership role.

The programme focuses on enhancing core management skills, competencies and behavioural aspects to the benefit of both individual and organisational performance.
Individuals are provided with the key skills needed to develop a specific and powerful skill set for communicating, influencing and negotiating with others.

KCSS Master Marketing Practitioner Certification Programme™

Aimed at:
Marketers aiming to develop Marketing strategies that have a greater impact.

The programme focuses on providing core Marketing skills as well as guiding the delegate through a structured framework that when implemented enhances both personal and organisational Marketing effectiveness. The application of these skills in managing aspects of specific Marketing projects is also covered in depth.

KCSS Master Project Manager Programme™

Aimed at:
Individuals wanting to manage projects in line with the strategic aims of their organization and its day to day running.

The programme has been designed to improve individual performance and organizational project delivery capability
Participants will be able to incorporate the programme with the day to day business to ensure the smooth transition of changes delivered by a project into business as usual activity and ensure that the benefits that the project was designed to deliver are achieved.