Learning & Development

Providing staff with an opportunity to engage in professional development courses, improving their knowledge and skills to increase their effectiveness as a member of staff.

Bespoke Modular Development Programmes by KCSS

KCSS offers a series of personal development certification programmes. Our most popular programmes are:

The KCSS Management Development Certification Programme™
This course is aimed at those individuals aspiring to have greater success in Management positions within their organisation. The programme focuses its attention on core management skills as well as behavioural and attitudinal aspects of personal and professional growth.

The KCSS Master Marketing Practitioner Certification Programme™
This course is aimed at Marketers aspiring to create and deliver Marketing programmes that have a greater impact. The programme focuses its attention on core Marketing skills as well as guiding the delegate through a structured framework that when implemented enhances both personal and organisational Marketing effectiveness.


Developing your programme

All our programmes are designed specifically to the needs of each client. We recommend a detailed training needs analysis is carried out prior to programme design. We use a tried and tested development process as shown in the diagram below.
We only provide bespoke and tailored solutions. The analysis and planning phases are particularly vital in ensuring you get a programme relevant to your needs rather than an “off the shelf” solution. The final programme will be based upon the outcome of the research and analysis phase.

Endorsement or accreditation with your chosen trade body, university or college is also available.