KCSS Business Skills Enrichment Library – Your very own Plug and Play Training Resource

Building Skills

When you don’t have your own dedicated training department, sending your employees to external training workshops may be your simplest option.

And yes, it is certainly a lot easier than a long, and costly recruitment process.

However, choosing an external training model can mean that you lose out on working with people who understand your organisations culture and needs.

Internal training has the advantage over external training, where courses are based around employee needs, skills and improvement.
They can be created using real world examples and allow for much smoother transference of knowledge.

So, you may think, how do I get the benefits of internal training when I simply don’t have the resources or finances to expand my training department?

KCSS could be the answer to your catch-22 training issue!

We can give you a simplistic way to provide your trainers with everything they need to create high impact training courses and workshops.

With over 60 diverse and engaging courses, spread over 6 business areas, you can pick and choose your own training programme, with the added advantage of being able to ‘bank’ your courses for use at a later date.

You will get access to full customisable training materials that can be tailored for your company, enabling your trainers to align courses with competencies needed to achieve company success

Take advantage of our 1 day consultation, allowing us to identify your primary strategic objectives and design content based on these needs.

The full course materials can be reused by your trainers, everytime you need them, and can be branded to fit with your company’s style and culture.

Why not, take a look at our SKILLS LIBRARY and decide for yourself if we can help you.