Engagement Programmes

Concentrating on staff satisfaction alone is ineffective!

Staff satisfaction and staff engagement are two very different things. For starters the latter is much harder to get right. Any business needs people who perform at their best most if not all of the time. So how do you know whether your people are engaged? How do you improve collective performance? Can you measure it so you know where to take action and whether it’s making any difference?
Disengaged people only work when they have to, don’t perform and are often a complete distraction to others. Your top
performers are passionate, deliver and own problems and find solutions you had never even thought existed. Have you ever thought if I only had one good person instead of two mediocre performers, how much better we would be doing? Or if only I could find a way to raise the bar across my entire team and get all performing better. How fantastic that would feel and how much good it would do in the current economic climate?

We need clearer strategies to engage with staff and maximise output.

Here are some of the steps we take with our clients to develop and improve in this specific area:
We help you set a clear strategy along with some agreed objectives that people can identify with and get behind
– sound easy and obvious? Well perhaps, but our experience is that many businesses and organisations don’t have these in place, resulting in staff being unclear about what is expected of them, they disconnect, get frustrated and leave – particularly top performers.
We help ensure your Managers are fully on board and skilled up to lead the change. It is line Managers that really make the difference to people performance – most people leave their Manager and not the company. They are the people that are responsible for improving output and getting the teams working effectively. We make sure they have the tools they need and the support network to be successful.
Measurement tools and success criteria are the next thing we put in place. It is important to be clear as to how
success will be measured. Agree and implement some simple key performance indicators (KPI’s) that people can identify
with. For example, levels of staff retention or numbers of people being promoted or taking development moves within
the company. There’s a very familiar saying – ‘what gets measured get’s done’. So we utilise our staff engagement
survey (not a staff satisfaction survey). Too many staff surveys will only tell you what people think. You need to know what’s important to them and what they think of those issues. That’s where the difference can be made and when Managers take action the results we find are always stunning.