Employee Engagement Surveys

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Would you like to attain AND retain a highly productive, competent, and motivated workforce?
That is of course a rhetorical question, as the answer should always be a resounding YES!

You may feel that your organisation has employee engagement down to a fine art, but unless you are able to measure and manage it, are you certain that your employees are as motivated as you believe they are?

All is not lost however, with an employee engagement survey your organisation can measure how committed and satisfied your employees actually are.

So what is an employee engagement survey?
In laymans terms, it is a questionnaire designed for your employees that will give you the ability to take a snapshot of what the current problem areas and issues are within your organisation, showing you where changes are needed.
If you are considering or have already implemented employee engagement strategies then the first stop should be an employee engagement survey.

Always remember, an employee engagement survey is specific to YOUR organisation and should be focused around the components of your strategy and key sustainability goals.

Ok, now stop and take note. An employee engagement survey will only benefit your company IF you make use of the data you collect. If you are committed to making this investment with time and money then you have the ability to considerably improve your organisations performance.

So, the surveys are in and the results are completed. What will your organisation do next?
It has been proven that this is exactly the point where most companies get stuck in a roundabout effect scenario….going round and round each year doing the same thing.

It’s time to use your data!
If used correctly your data will give you actionable insights that allow you to make informed decisions.
A lot of organisations will attempt to climb this mountain internally, but without the right tools you will be unable to articulate what your data means and how to use it to improve employee engagement.
It seems the results are better analysed by a third party who are equipped to analysing employee responses, compiling the survey results, and preparing reports that are meaningful and meet the needs of various audiences.

Now, the important part!
Do you take on board the results that are presented to you and use them to make a continuous improvement on areas identified?
It has been proven that employees can become more disengaged if responses are ignored and the result of this can be a huge lack of employee engagement.
So, if you would like to deliver on ROI, and improve company performance then it’s time to take advantage of your best tools…your employees and your data.

Bottom Line….
Do not take on the task of getting your employees to complete a engagement survey unless you are willing to invest the time to analyse AND action the results.