Content Marketing – Education and Emotion


It’s pretty dark in my living room right now. The lights are off, PJs are on and my snacks are at the ready.
I have to admit it’s been quite a few months of impatient anticipation. BUT finally, tonight my absolute favourite TV programme begins its second season.

Hannibal my friend, I welcome you back.

The point of this story, and I promise there is a point, is that the show actually started about 30 minutes ago.
Like most people I know, I prefer to prolong the agony, so that I can record the episode and watch it a little later, thus giving me the ability to skip straight through the advertisements.

*Pause for a moment to acknowledge what a difficult job marketing professionals today really do have!

Traditional marketing, it seems, has allowed us to avoid everything we are not interested in seeing.

Although, in our defence we are so used to being bombarded with irrelevant and invaluable information that we have learned to simply switch off. We ignore adverts and can browse the internet smoothly without being bothered or even taking notice of banners.
Interrupt marketing simply frustrates us and pushes us away from becoming loyal customers.

With content marketing, ‘IF’ it’s done right, you can change the behaviour of customers by making them actually stop and think.

And now for the science part…..Content marketing is not about selling your products to customers. It’s about educating them through information and it’s about emotion.

We all remember how things, places and people make us feel. We may forget everything else but the feeling will always remain.

If you can connect to your customers by making them think AND feel, then you are more likely to attract and retain returning, loyal customers.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Content Marketing is simply another name for Social Media Marketing. But there are distinct differences (gasp)

Social Media Marketing is based around using social channels to create brand awareness and encourage customer satisfaction.

In contrast, Content marketing is based around your website. It is about drawing potential customers onto your site with valuable and relevant content, making them feel engaged and using quality content to convert them to paying customers.

Don’t be the pushy sales assistant that we all love to hate, use quality content as part of your strategy, and let intelligent customers come to you because they Love what you do.