Change Management – Your Culture, Your style.

Paper cut of children read a book under tree of bulb

The remarkable Coco Chanel once said “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

In fairness, you would be forgiven for not fully understanding how this relates to your own IT or retail company, but, think about it like this:

The heart of your company is ‘style’ and all other aspects are ‘fashion’

The essence of your business may stay the same over time, but the way you work, the way you communicate and the way you market your company will change (style and fashion)

Change is on-going….a constant in every organisation and it is essential to ensure continuous improvement.

If you don’t know how to manage that change and the milestones that come with it effectively, your efforts can potentially backfire.

You have to understand that Change Management is not simply about planning and attempts at control, but about establishing a culture that can quickly adapt.
In fact, your own management resources can be more valuable during change initiatives that any strategy or piece of software that you may be thinking of investing in.

Let’s take Project Managers as a point in fact.
By leveraging the project management processes and activities across the project life cycle, we can build in and ultimately sustain change. Your project managers can become agents of change within your organisation.
Any large project or programme of work that is taking place is ultimately a piece of work involving sustained change.
Change management works best when it goes hand in hand with the change project, and the earlier the process is managed the better.

Now, if you’re a small company you may have 1 or 2 changes running concurrently, but, for those larger companies out there you have no doubt a mass of new initiatives all happening at the same time. Digital changes, marketing changes, IT changes etc etc.
There is so much to keep up with and companies are constantly being affected by outside influences.

The requirement here, is to identify the right management resources who will understand the change management ‘rules’ within your organisation and use these, not only to initiate the change but to manage it and bring it to a successful end.

At the end of the day Change Management will always be largely down to the culture you have developed within your organisation.

And, if done correctly, as your company fashionably adapts to change, the heart of it (like a Chanel suit) will always be in style.